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We are Maruko & Halu and offer fashion for Smart Dolls, under our own label “MarukoHalu”.

It can be worn at different occasions, whether your Smart Doll is casual in town, relaxing at home or doing sports.

All our products are made of premium quality fabric, the silhouette and design resemble those of clothing for humans.

Design by “MarukoHalu” is simple and basic with a modern taste.

MarukoHalu are also contributing as pattern designer to the Mirai Store apparel as well.

Pictures making shirt and pants


I’ve been working on this jacket for a while now with @maruko_halu on Instagram and I think she’s done another great job. I’ve been wanting this since my trip to Iceland where Mirai got soaked by the tons of waterfalls everywhere. This is the first prototype so it will be a while until its out – will try to get it out at least before the rainy season in Japan next June. We plan to print something on the left shoulder and along one arm so we need to figure out the right printing technology for a mass run. Smart Doll apparel development times take at least 6 months. We need to field test the item in various environments to make sure it’s functional and can cope with the strain of the outdoors and travel. In some cases we need to change the material depending on whether we need it to stretch or go through a bio or stone wash etc. Once upon a time we used to churn stuff out like fast fashion but I don’t want to do that anymore – I don’t want to die knowing that I made cheap stuff that had no significance in life. For this reason the amount of apparel items we have has been dramatically reduced – it may mean less income due to a smaller selection but I believe that the quality of what we do produce makes a difference in raising the bar for ourselves. We make everything in Japan but there are not that many factories left – most have closed down due to cheaper costs in neighbouring countries. This adds to the production times which is why we develop ahead of time – it just means you will see the items in my trips way before it gets released. We need a nice name for the jacket though. Also any colors you would like to see this in? #tokyo #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #fashiondoll #notweet

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So one of the problems with Smart Doll apparel is that there is a lack of skirts. While I don’t wear skirts myself (well – only when nobody is looking but don’t tell anybody) I feel that frilly skirts don’t seem to be practical for the great outdoors – they could get dirty or torn. But wait! How about if they were dirty and torn from the beginning?! Introducing the weathered Trench Skirt. Not only does it go well with the Military Field Jacket that’s made in the same material and color – but also great with a T-shirt or sweater. The skirt has belt loops for our belts or you can get the Double Belts to rest on the hips – or skip the belts altogether. As with all of our weathered Wabi-Sabi series, no two of the same item will ever be the same due to the hand crafted nature – each one is manually sanded down before bio washing. Expect worn edges, holes, loose threads – the whole shebang. As this is a washed item – the edges of the front may curl as pictured in some of these photos – if you prefer it flat then give it an iron. The pockets on the side are Troll Pockets as real working pockets in that position didn’t quite work out. Made in Hiroshima and designed by @maruko_halu – available now. #smartdoll #notweet

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Hope you enjoy to take out your dressed up Smart Doll to town.


In 2017 we had our first encounter with the “Smart Doll, Mirai”, which was the beginning of our journey to our own fashion label “MarukoHalu”.

We still recall, as we started searching the net for unique and charming looking dolls.

Finally, we allocated in Pinterest the Smart Doll which was by far the most beautiful.

We have never seen such a cute doll with such a gorgeous figure.

Getting inspired by the “Smart Doll Mirai”, is where everything started.

We could not stop thinking of it and finally decided to visit the Mirai Store in Tokyo.

smartdoll work shop

The Smart Doll was immediately close to our heart, the minute we saw her.

Soon after we applied for the Smart Doll Workshop to obtain our own doll.

The Smart Doll is not only cute, but her clothing is also of high quality and as stylish as those of humans.

Mirai Store apparel

This was the first step into our endeavor of making Smart Doll clothing.

All clothes we have made were shared in blogs, Twitter and Instagram.

Through these Social Media we received many positive comments and even requests for selling the cloth for our Smart Doll.

Our brand name, “MarukoHalu” is our SNS account name.

About our products

All our items are designed and operated by team MarukoHalu’s staff.

The products we sell are produced at our partner factories, which are engaged in the mass production of high-brand products.

Sewing scene

The process to design and manufacture our products is equivalent to those being applied for human clothing.

However, it might slightly differ (e.g. color) item by item, and due to the nature of apparel products, there may be some individual differences.

If you are looking for an precision machinery product in perfection, please refrain from purchasing from us.

The quality control of our products is conducted with the utmost care and attention.

However, if you find a quality issue, please contact us by e-Mail first.

We will respond to your request, whether it is a lost button or wear / tear during use.

We will not accept repair in case of excessive wear/tear or if the material is meanwhile out of stock. Please understand this case.

We always appreciate you post MarukoHalu items on Social Networks, Blog, etc,.

When using Twitter or Instagram please post it with a hashtag #maruko_halu, we are happy to retweet.


About Maruko

  • Maruko : Yoko Sendai
  • 【Gender】Female
  • 【Residence】Niigata Japan
  • 【Year of birth】1972
  • 【Profession】Pattern making
  • 【What I like】Smart doll, Dressmaking, Delicious food eating & cooking, Manga, Outdoor activities
  • 【And more】Easy to fall asleep anywhere

I graduated from the Bunka Fashion College, and subsequently worked at an apparel company for 5 years.

After returning to Niigata, my home town, I joined a Tokyo based apparel company as patternmaker, where I stayed for 20 years.

Back in 2016, I happened to see the Blythe doll on TV, which triggered immediately my interest in dolls.

The same also happened to my partner Halu.

Now, we both are crazy about Smart Dolls and can’t think of anything different but creating new clothing design for them!

About Halu

  • Halu : Iwao Ohtake
  • 【Gender】Male
  • 【Residence】Niigata Japan
  • 【Year of birth】1972
  • 【Profession】Pattern maker & Web
  • 【What I like】Smart doll, Dressmaking, Photo shooting for smart doll
  • 【And more】Telepathize with Smart Doll

After I studied computer programming at school, I have worked at a Sports apparel company.

At the beginning I was a CAD/CAM operator and later joined the pattern making department.

During my 10 years tenure I created a variety of pattern for different types of sportswear such as Skiwear, Triathlonwear and Outdoorwear.

Furthermore I sold original clothing as a freelancer, I have worked in Web design, marketing and copywriting.

Even so all of the work was quite successful, I was not able to keep the motivation going forward.

Meanwhile, I got to know the Blythe doll, which has stirred my interest in dolls.

I have been checking many varieties of dolls in Pinterest and other sites.

But especially the Smart Doll has caught my attention. Since I got hooked on the Smart Doll, my only interest is to create nice clothing for her.

That’s why I am currently passionately responsible for the planning, design, production and operation of “MarukoHalu”.